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TradeLink LLC - London - Proprietary Trader

Messagepar Maw » 17 Avr 2019, 14:53

Founded in 1979 by Walt Weissman, TradeLink Holdings LLC is a successful proprietary trading firm and investment adviser. Headquartered in Chicago, the firm employs approximately 130 people globally with significant presence in London and Warsaw. We trade a wide variety of instruments including futures, options, securities and cash bonds and FX and we also specialize in the design and implementation of quantitative models that draw on the firm’s considerable expertise in trading, research, and technology. We trade a range of strategies that span multiple time frames and concepts, although we are not HFT and not interested in latency arbitrage or market making. For more information and our most recent listing of career opportunities, please visit us at

We are currently seeking to add individual proprietary traders and/or teams to our London office. We offer a low latency trading interface, customized active execution strategies, a variety of trading and clearing relationships, accounting and back office teams, significant capital and access to co-located servers in Aurora, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hong Kong London, Montreal and Sydney. Our prop traders primarily trade futures, options on futures, US equities and fixed income. We like the transparency, liquidity and leverage that these markets offer. The ideas behind the strategies must be systematic though they may be expressed by either quantitative or discretionary approaches. The applicants should have some trading experience but a strong investment thesis can compensate for the lack of an extensive track record.
Required Experience:


May include but are not limited to the following:

A well-defined thesis for a trading strategy, including data sources and the sustainability of the competitive advantage
3+ years of experience conducting research or trading in a systematic trading group.

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