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IMC - Trading firm - Experienced Options Trader

Messagepar Maw » 19 Mars 2019, 19:20

Qu'est ce donc qu'IMC et que font ils ?

IMC is a technology-driven trading firm. We develop innovative technology and employ advanced trading strategies to make markets on more than 100 of the world’s best-regulated trading venues. We are also a Designated Market Maker (DMM) on the New York Stock Exchange.

Besides our on-screen market making in many asset classes globally, our ETF desk in Europe leverages IMC’s experience as a market maker, advanced technology and deep liquidity, to offer competitive pricing directly to qualified counterparties.

Ils recherchent un trader options pour Chicago

IMC – Where Technology drives Trading

Are you someone who is passionate about challenging the status quo? Do you enjoy the process of problem solving, a process where you recognize areas of improvement and iterate and innovate to improve? Does your curiosity and desire to learn drive you?

Trading at IMC:

If so, then consider IMC as a Quantitative Trader. Why? Because here your decisions have direct impact on the company’s trading profits and we’re a place where creativity, teamwork and innovation are recognized and rewarded. Traders actively build and enhance the quality of our electronic trading strategies, requiring superior analytical, mathematical, and computing skills. As a trader, you will have the freedom to find your niche within the firm and excel.


Develop, maintain and enhance trading models, algorithms and systems
Trade a range of financial instruments
Manage execution and risk of complex trading portfolios
Research new market opportunities
Collaborate cross-functionally with Engineers to understand and improve technical infrastructure


IMC Financial Markets is among the world’s leading proprietary trading firms, and a market maker in securities listed on exchanges across the globe. Our cutting-edge technology drives everything we do. High performance algorithms, smart strategies and collaborative teams are the core of our business.

Today, IMC Financial Markets is 500+ people working together to build software and trade financial products in our offices in Amsterdam, Chicago and Sydney. What does this mean for you? The chance to join a multi-national, multi-cultural team of exceptional individuals, focused on making IMC the world’s best trading firm.


2+ years of automated options trading experience in a market making capacity
BS, MS or PhD in an analytical/quantitative related field of study
Experience with programming in MATLAB or Python
Superb analytical and mathematical skills
Ability to work successfully in a fast-moving and competitive environment
Desire to work in a team environment is a must

If you are just starting your career and don't have experience yet, please apply instead to our GRADUATE QUANTITATIVE TRADER opening and you will shortly be contacted by a member of our university recruiting team!

We are at the core a trading firm, however we value trading and technology equally and we believe that cooperation between traders and technologists is one of our great strengths. This is also reflected in our organizational and remuneration policies. We believe in fostering a truly flat environment in which great ideas can be recognized as well as put into practice from anybody within our organization.

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