Langage des options

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Langage des options

Messagepar Moubad75 » 07 Août 2018, 21:12

Bonjour la communauté,

Je suis tombé sur un extrait d'une note institutionnelle et j'aimerai être éclairé sur certains termes utilisés concernant les options .

On the EURUSD front, it was a very quiet session this morning with GDP results on Friday not bringing much fireworks across. Spot is hovering around 1.1655. 1m NY is 6.475, 1y is 7.30. The 3m-1y spread at 0.50 is relatively high and we like to accumulate front end vega and gamma; In particular this week with no weight priced in for events in EURUSD ahead but with calendars clearly full, we believe spot will keep realizing on top of implied. Hence our preference to sell this calendar spread and longing gamma. In the British pound, we have no additional view since last Friday. Skew should be a sell here given the lack of further announcements. We would look to fade a demand on put outright - we can do it by doing a put spread in ratio especially towards the 3mth part of the curve.

Dans une autre note :

As expected, vols got hammered right after BoJ came out. 1m last traded at 6.85 (since 7.1 early this morning), 2m at 7.20 and 3m at 7.25. R/R are lower as well. With the 1m below 7 vols, owning gamma starts to look attractive. Back-end vols haven't collapsed as fast as the front-end so we like selling calendar spreads here.

Qu'entend t-on par "front end gamma & Vega" and "selling the skew" ? ou encore "owning gamma"?
J'en comprenais que "owning gamma" c'est être long gamma (enfin je suppose) mais pour le reste si vous pouviez m'éclairer?

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Re: Langage des options

Messagepar Maw » 09 Août 2018, 10:57

Je suis en vacances, je te réponds à mon retour.
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Re: Langage des options

Messagepar Moubad75 » 10 Août 2018, 12:42

Bonne vacances
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